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Board of Directors Meeting - October 28, 2009

MBGA Directors Meeting October 28, 2009 Pony Corral - Nairn


Sandra (junglehair), Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Dani (dani_carriere),
Jon (Trove Chasers), Stan (Ztirnats), Mike (glacier_ice)


Jacques (OHMIC), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage), Jayson (Jaypeg), Jeff (Hogger Jeff & the Piglets)

Members Present

MHz, Z'ad

Agenda Items

Meeting Minutes for September 29, 2009

Motion Jon
Seconder Mike
Conclusion Passed

Joe's Resignation and Replacement

Tim (TurdleEggs)


Joe resigned from the board. Names were discussed.


Some people will be contacted to see if they are interested.

Action Items Person Responsible
Northern cachers to be contacted to see if they would like to join the board Tim

MEC Club Nite

Sandra (junglehair)


No confirmation of the night. Followup to be done

Action Items Person Responsible
Follow up to be done Tim

Geoventure 2010 Mega Event Status

Dani (dani_carriere)/ Sandra (junglehair)


A Report was submitted and reviewed. Working on logo and web page, funding is going to determine what can be done


Logo to be run as contest. Committee to choose 5 and voting to take place on the website.

Action Items Person Responsible
Marketing to be started for the numbers Committee
Logo contest to be run Committee


Tim (TurdleEggs)


Incorporation is $40 for name search and $100 for first year then $45 (after the meeting this was corrected to $20) annually after. Name Search to be done.


We still don't know insurance cost with Sports Manitoba, assessment to be done after the Incorporation, constitution to be done. Goals to be done.
Mission statement to be approved. Mandate to be done.
Have to describe nature of business, incorporation requires articles of incorporation.

Action Items Person Responsible
Draft constitution to be done. Stan
Mission statement to be circulated Tim
Mandate to be done Tim
Goals and Objectives Tim
Structure and organization Stan
Name reservation TBD Tim
Budget TBD Jon
Incorporation forms Tim
Description of programs Mike
Undertaking of the organization Tim
Nature of business Tim

Planning Committee

Tim (TurdleEggs)


Strike a planning committee for goals and objectives and budget


Committee not required

Reporting Items

MBGA Geocoin - Paula

Design is done, waiting for LandSharkz samples, Decisions to be made when samples are looked at. May have two versions of coin. TBD

Advertiser Renewals - Mike

In talks with World Caching.

Website - Steve

Plan sent around. No one has issues with the plan. CD to be ripped every few months.

Cacher Hall of Fame - Stan

Jeff delegated for Board rep, Others discussed for off Board member

Manitoba Parks - Sandra

Presentation done for the parks, went well. The actual geocaching aspect was the biggest interest.

Directors Items


Battlecache Contest issue in regards to the logging. Duplicate cache uses will be blocked.

Next Meeting - November 24th


Members Report

October 26, 2009
Steve (ertyu)

As of October 26, 2009, there are currently 448 registered members, 419 are Manitoba residents. A net loss of 34 members, all of which are Manitoba residents, since September 29.

MBGA Events Report

October 28, 2009
by Sandra (junglehair)

Upcoming Events
  • MBGA Club Nite/Pub Nite - November 21, 2009
    Club night at Mountain Equipment Co-op followed by a Pub Night at Elephant & Castle

  • Lizard Liquor Pub Nite by Lizardo - November 4, 2009

  • MBGA Holiday Party - possible date - January 2, 2010
    Currently looking for a location to have the holiday party. The church we've used in the past is undergoing renovations and won't be available.
  • No seminars planned at this time.
Past Events
  • Tavern Tales - October 2, 2009
    Small turn out - only 14 Attended logs. Flotsom & Jetsom won the MBGA pub mug, but donated it back to the MBGA prize bin. New geocache by Pa Bottle was posted nearby during the event.

MBGA Treasurers Report

October 26, 2009 by Jon (Trove Chasers)

A budget and statements report was submitted to the directors.

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