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Board of Directors Meeting - January 12, 2010

MBGA Directors Meeting January 12, 2010 Big Guys Ranch and Saloon


Sandra (junglehair), Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Dani (dani_carriere), Jacques (OHMIC), Jon (Trove Chasers), Stan (Ztirnats), Mike (glacier_ice)


Jayson (Jaypeg), Jeff (Hogger Jeff & the Piglets), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage)

Members Present

Z'ad, MHz

Agenda Items

Meeting Minutes for November 24, 2009

Motion: Dani Seconder Jacques
Conclusion Passed

Geocoin -- Sales Shipping and final Payment



Paula thanked for all her work on the coins. Next payment requires us to sell some more coins. Reimbursement is complete to Paula.


MBGA now fully responsible for the coins and payments.
Only 14 gold left.

Geoventure Mega Event -- Funding & Web Site

Geoventure committee


Financial discussions required Payment times coming up. Travel Manitoba, Manitoba Lotteries, Homecoming and Destination Winnipeg have all expressed interest to be financially supportive. Timing may not be long enough to make this work. Maybe we cancel the megaevent for this year and make just a Geoventure event.


Possibly cancel the Megaevent for this year. Push the geoventure event and attempt to make it into a mega event. Replan the megaevent for 2011. Scaling back is an option as well. Tim to leave committee to concentrate on the Sport Manitoba Jacques to head committee.

Action Items Person Responsible
Committee to go back and rethink the level of the event Committee

Sport Manitoba Application -- Mission, Goals, Sport Programs and Constitution

Tim (TurdleEggs)


Some feedback on the documents had been received. Changes to the documents should be sent out again

Action Items Person Responsible
Documents to be circulated again Tim/Mike/Stan

Mailing List Issues

Tim (TurdleEggs)


2 Options New host or google mailing list.


Steve to continue to look at it and research solutions.

AGM -- March 2010

Tim (TurdleEggs)


March 20 is booked for the AGM Potluck? Combine with seminar or event? Cookoff? Reports to be presented, sound system required. 60 Day notice to be done


Nominating committee needs to be in place 30 days prior. Revisions to the bylaws. Crock pot cookoff to be done. Icebreaker to be done.

Action Items Person Responsible
60 Day notice to be sent out. Tim
Mike to head nominating committee Mike

Directors Items

  • Battlecache - About 1800 shots taken to this point.
  • We were approached about a National Geocaching Facebook group.
  • Backups - President and communications officer have copies.
  • Store - Do we want decons and travel bugs on it. Maybe patches.
  • Sponsors, Sponsor timing discussed
  • Geocaching stickers, Tim to ask whether we can help in printing the stickers
  • Cache at the marsh? May 30th.
  • Glow Golf Sandra to look into for February
  • Inventory Report - To be brought for next meeting


Membership Report

January 12, 2010
by Steve (ertyu)

As of January 10, 2010, there are currently 463 registered members, 434 are Manitoba residents. A net gain of 13 members respectively all from Manitoba, since November 24

MBGA Events Report

January 12, 2010
by Sandra (junglehair)

Upcoming Events

  • MBGA Pub Night: Freshly Minted Geocoins (GC22RB0) -- January 22, 2010
    The next pub night will feature the new MBGA 5th Anniversary geocoin.  It will be held at The Round Table on Pembina Highway.

  • MBGA Breakfast Event (GC22RB5) -- February 6, 2010
    The breakfast event will be held at Smitty's in Fort Richmond.  This will be a buffet-style breakfast for $9.99/person not including taxes and gratuities.  After breakfast, we will organize groups to go out caching together.

  • MBGA Bowling Event -- February 20, 2010 (tentative)
    This has not been booked yet, but previous bowling events have been well attended and it seemed like it was time to host another one.  If not bowling, then perhaps another fun family-friendly activity (mini-golf, toboganning, skating, etc).

  • MBGA AGM -- March 20, 2010
    The Fort Garry United Church has been reserved for the Annual General Meeting.  This will be combined with other fun activities such as a pot luck dinner, games, treasure hunt, training session, etc.
Past Events
  • MBGA Holiday Party (GC20KJ3) -- January 2, 2010
    The MBGA Holiday Party was held at Fort Garry United Church again this year.  The event included a pot luck dinner followed by a gift exchange led by Dani Carriere.  There were 32 logged attendees including several new geocachers.

MBGA Treasurers Report

January 11, 2010
by Jon (Trove Chasers)

A budget and statements report was submitted to the directors.

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