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Board of Directors Meeting - February 16, 2010


MBGA Directors Meeting February 6, 2010 Jeffrey's Restaurant


Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Dani (dani_carriere), Jacques (OHMIC), Jon (Trove Chasers), Stan (Ztirnats), Mike (glacier_ice)


Sandra (junglehair), Jayson (Jaypeg), Jeff (Hogger Jeff & the Piglets), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage)

Members Present


Agenda Items

Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2010

Nominating committee head was changed to Mike
Motion: Dani Seconder Jon
Conclusion Passed

Nominating Committee

Mike (glacier_Ice)


Wayne will be on the nominating committee.


Nominations to be solicited.

Action Items Person Responsible
Email and newsletter to be sent to members Tim

AGM Event

March 20, 2010 Sandra (Junglehair)


Agenda discussed. Reports to be done discussed. Battlecache winners to be done.

Action Items Person Responsible
Battelcache results to have tabulation started Dani/Mike
Prizes need to be bought for the Battlecache. Dani

Geocoin Final Payment

Jon (Trove Chasers)


Cheque has gone already. Balance is doing ok.

Coin Marketing


Jacques to take 20 geocoins for booth sales Boat and RV show.

Action Items Person Responsible
Dani to get 20 geocoins to Jacques Dani
Steve to list 10 geocoins on Ebay Steve

Director and Reporting Items

  • Payment from GPS central received.
  • Landsharkz due in March.
  • Inventory not completed.
  • TBs we have about 15 left.
  • Mega-Event - application on hold for insurance certification 2 Mill coverage needed. Holding for
    Sports Manitoba application.

  • Goals and Objectives Dani motion, Mike seconded passed
Action Items Person Responsible
Check into putting brochures in Cabella's and MEC Jacques
Worlds biggest Social May 12, can we do an event for that? Mike
Flash mob when? Stan


Membership Report

Members Report - Steve (ertyu)
As of February 14, 2010, there are currently 465 registered members, 435 are Manitoba residents. A net gain of 2 and 1 members respectively since January 10.

MBGA Events Report

February 16, 2010
by Sandra (junglehair)

Upcoming Events
  • MBGA Family Fun Day: Black Light Mini-Golf - February 21, 2010
    This event will take place at U-Puttz Black Light Mini Golf on McPhillips Street. The fee to participate is as follows: Adults - $12; Seniors (55+) or Kids (4 to 12 yrs old) - $10; Kids under 4 yrs old - Free. There will be prizes for the winning team of 4 players, and for the most neon adult and the most neon kid.

  • MBGA AGM - March 20, 2010
    The Fort Garry United Church has been reserved for the Annual General Meeting. This will be combined with a pot luck dinner featuring a crock pot cook-off.

  • Other Upcoming Events
    Wonderfully Wild Whiteshell Weekend (GC23WTV) by Netley Hunter - March 6
    This event starts at 10:00 a.m. where people will meet up at the cabin for hot chocolate. From there, they will go out and do some caches in the Whiteshell area. At 6:00 p.m. there will be a pot luck dinner back at the cabin.
Past Events
  • MBGA Pub Night: Freshly Minted Geocoins (GC22RB0) - January 22, 2010
    This event was held at The Round Table on Pembina Highway. The new MBGA 5th Anniversary geocoins were available for sale and many picked up their coins that were previously ordered. There were 27 logged attendees.

  • MBGA Breakfast Event (GC22RB5) - February 6, 2010
    The breakfast event was held at Smitty's in Fort Richmond. After breakfast, many of the cachers teamed up to go find some geocaches. There were 19 logged attendees.

MBGA Treasurers Report

February 14, 2010
by Jon (Trove Chasers)

A budget and statements report was submitted to the directors.

Documents Submitted for Review

Geocaching as a Sport or Activity

Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches" or "caches" anywhere in the world.

Geocaches are designed and hidden with a range of difficulty that allow participants from all ages or ability to find. Under Canadian Sport For Life's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) guidelines, the category that Geocaching best fits is the Active for Life category.

Geocaches are broken up into two categories of difficulty. In both categories, caches are rated from 1 to 5 including half difficulty points. (ie, 3.5)

The first category a cache is judge on is 'difficulty'. This is really an estimate of how difficult it is to find the geocache. It may require physical strength or agility to retrieve or it may require puzzle or logical deduction or simply keen powers of observation and a patient search technique.

The second category is 'terrain'. This is an estimate of how easy or difficult the terrain is. A terrain of 1 means that a cache hide is easily accessible by someone in a wheelchair. A terrain of 5 means that a cache may require a long hike or other mode of transportation to arrive at the hide location. A terrain of 5 may also indicate that climbing or other physical or athletic abilities are needed.

On average, most low difficulty caches are aimed at geocachers of any ability level while more difficult caches are aimed at more athletic geocachers.

Some geocaches are designed specifically for children. This means they are fun, easy and engaging. These are some of the goals of the first two stages of the LTAD model, Active Start and Fundamentals. As children move through the stages of learning how to find geocaches, they learn the fundamentals of participating in an outdoor activity.

Adults who are new to the sport may take advantage of a variety of training that is available. Some training is personal, one on one while other training is in a more formal and structured setting. The training can be as specific as learning how to operate their GPS or as generalized as learning how to dress for the outdoor elements.

Geocaching itself is an inexpensive activity. While it is recommended, geocachers do not need to purchase a GPS to participate. Access to the internet is the primary way of identifying geocache information and this can be done for free where there is a public internet connection. Through the use of online maps and satellite imagery, participants who do not own a GPS can still join the hunt.

As such, Geocaching is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, abilities and economic status.

Mission Statement

The Manitoba Geocaching Association Inc. (MBGA) strives to advance the sport of geocaching in the Province of Manitoba by encouraging fellowship amongst Manitoba geocachers through regular social activities; fostering geocaching etiquette and responsible use of our public lands; raising public awareness and understanding of geocaching through effective use of media relations; working with all levels of land stewards to develop mutually acceptable geocaching practices; and promoting geocaching as a worthwhile family-oriented outdoor activity.

Goals and Objectives


1. Promote geocaching as a family-oriented outdoor activity without commercial interests or agendas
2. Grow membership of the MBGA
3. Increase public awareness and understanding of geocaching
4. Foster responsible land stewardship
5. Encourage quality geocaching in Manitoba by education and example


1. Provide information and training support for groups interested in participating in Geocaching in Manitoba
2. Facilitate education sessions throughout the province
3. Facilitate fellowship amongst geocachers through regular social activities
4. Host events on local, regional, provincial and interprovincial levels
5. Work with all levels of land stewards to develop mutually acceptable geocaching practices
6. Operate under a budget that ensures the MBGA's continuance as a financially sound NPO
7. Review objectives on an annual basis to ensure goals are being met

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