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Cache of the Month - March 2010



Ground water observation stations of many variations have been used in Manitoba for several decades and generally go unnoticed by the general Public. They are used to monitor our precious ground water resource. We had driven past one of these stations twice every weekend through the summer months on the way to our cottage. Finally one day curiosity got the better of us and we stopped to see if we could figure out what it was. Affixed to the GWOS was a small plaque that described when it was placed and who placed it. As we looked it over, it dawned on us that this would make an awesome geocache, hidden in plain sight and large enough to stock many treasures. We took pictures of the GWOS that day and started planning its construction. The rest is history. We built a GWOS like cache, stocked it with treasures that kids of all ages would enjoy and continue to enjoy the legacy and feedback of GWOS, although in a slightly different manner then they were originally intended. --Trove Chasers

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