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Cache of the Month - April 2010

Geeny Gmeeny Gminy G-Moe:

 Geeny Gmeeny Gminy G-Moe:

Back in the old days of caching (July 2007) when we had to walk uphill both ways to get a cache, an evil thought crossed the mind of a certain cacher, grnbrg by name. He one day comes out and thinks "hmm what if I put out a challenge to all the cachers to have a Month of Evil". He then puts this out for all cachers to contribute to. Hence, Gneevil the evil gnome was born. Uncle of Gnorman, the gnice gnome and a distant cousin of the very venerable Gnarly gnome, Gneevil was brought out to show the evilness of the gnomes g-gnomes. The cache was born as a side of evil and twistedness. The cache had been prepared and a rough idea of the area had been decided upon.
A whole gangling of gnomes tromped into the bush to find the new home of the vault. When the current location was found, it was exactly as Turdleggs described it in his log "A Tolkein Universe". All the logs are our favourites, they show such fun and misery at the same time, but the best log for this cache is owned by Gnarly's handlers 1Queenand4jokers who used it as their 1400th find and Gnarley's first. Mind you the salsa dance lessons on the sidewalk came in a close second. --Ztirnats

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