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Meeting with Provincial Parks - June 27, 2006

Meeting with Cathy from Provincial Parks regarding the Development of a Geocaching Policy

  • Cathy is a planner with Provincial Parks, conservation and recreation based.
  • There are approx. 100 parks, each with different rules
  • A benefit of geocaching is it may attract people to underutilized parks
  • Concern: the creation of new trails that interfere with current park users, and the increase in traffic
  • Concern: all-terrain vehicles – are they popular in geocaching? Will they be creating new trails?
  • Caches located off the trails have potential pitfalls
  • Trying to avoid an official permitting feature. They are trying to keep it at a district level – need to find out prior to placing the cache if it will be okay. A form will be filled out and kept as proof of authorization. You will be able to get a copy of the form if requested.
  • Existing caches: if not problematic, it’s okay. If it becomes problematic, it will be removed. They are not going to search out existing caches and remove them.
  • MBGA can provide a list of caches in the parks and who placed them there if problems occur
  • MBGA needs to get a list of the addresses of the District offices for use on the Website
  • Virtual Cache sites will also require authorization
  • “On trail/Off trail” definitions: What constitutes “On trail/Off trail” varies with each park, thus you will need to discuss with park officers
  • Heritage/Wilderness Land Use Categories: there is a concern with people rummaging around on an area with historic importance.
  • Park Passport Idea (Cathy): a cache placed in every park – find them all and you get a prize – ideas like that to promote parks
  • Can the MBGA get a list of the Heritage Areas? Are Heritage Areas marked? No real answer.
  • Size of container restricted to 30 cubic cm (1 foot)
  • Authorization application – MBGA makes sure cache placers have submitted authorization
  • Final approval form - a .pdf file for people to download and fill out in advance.
  • MBGA offered to set up a workshop with Provincial Parks for anyone interested in trying out geocaching.

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