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MBGA General Meeting - August 10, 2006

Location: Big Guys N49 49.649 W097 06.356
Start/Finish: 8:05 pm – 9:10 pm

Committee Present: Steven (ertyu), Brian (grnbrg), Tobey (3Ts&aG), Roger (The-Stuntman), Peter (Peter and Gloria), Scott (Lizardo), Jen (ava_ad0re), Dani (dani_carriere)

Committee Absent: Daniel (Master Instigator), Teal (pink_panther)

Members Present: Etamin, Old Billygoat, Ztirnats, The Bluenosers.

Committee Member Reports

Brian (Vice-President):

  • Following up to GPS Central
  • Inquiring about receiving donations and/or cheques from Adsense
  • Passed the Wal-Mart stuff along to Tobey
  • Some people are interested in track-able coins
  • Slippery is looking into doing a northern themed coin
  • Minimum orders are down to 250/500 for coins – how many should we do? And where do we get the money to front them?
  • Very little traffic at Café Press, more traffic with Adsense
  • Banner ad for Café Press?

Peter (Treasurer):

  • Approx. $167.00 in the account
  • Approx. $100.00 in PayPal
  • Net: $167.00, as debts cleared

Scott (PR and Communications):

  • Answered a couple of “Contact Us” queries
  • Has been in touch with SIR – they don’t really seem interested
  • MEC – require a thesis/manifesto to be included
  • Has started a basic “manifesto” for various uses (Brian offered to have a PR person look at it when it’s completed)

Steven (Website):

  • See agenda items

Tobey (Events):

  • Hasn’t heard back from Wal-Mart

Roger (Training and Workshops):

  • Did the first workshop a couple of days ago – Manitoba Children’s Museum
  • Took them to Emmer’s Cache, programmed their GPS units, and picked out some caches for them to do at Bird’s Hill
  • Following Saturday – another training session
  • 2 more potential training sessions – Inwood and Lake Shore Recreations

Agenda Items/Discussion

  • Peter has lots of travel bugs
  • There is an event being planned for Sept. 23rd at Tim’s. It’s a follow-up for the Blitz, “All Good Things Must Come to a Blitz” – just waiting for approval (Tobey)
  • Adopt-A-Park – there are no available parks at the moment, Scott will check back with them in the future
  • Manitoba and Winnipeg Trails Association – Roger hasn’t heard back yet
  • Bingo Night at a casino for fundraising – Brian will follow up on it
  • Milestone items – two people are now over a thousand finds – Brian will look back into it
  • Treasure Hunting Contests – 1 cache may have been disturbed recently from such events. In total have lost ~12 to “Search for the Gold.” Do we want to, as a committee, look after city caches during these times? General consensus: no, not as a formal committee task.
  • Christmas event – Tobey will post on the forums for suggestions
  • Provincial Parks – Still working on the geocaching policy, have a copy of the National Parks policy
  • National Parks – need feedback by tomorrow on the website
  • Adsense – almost $35.00 generated, based on clicks
  • Assiniboine Community College – someone is offering a one day course on geocaching for $75.00
  • Leisure Guide? – Dani has requested contact information from them, when she hears back she’ll forward it to Roger (about setting a course up)
  • Website content has been transferred over, with a few new features. Dani will send the existing information of the 225 members to Steven. Users have accounts they can edit (travel bugs, upload pictures). Content is basically the same, just layed out a bit differently.
  • Scott has volunteered to place a cache in Winnipeg as part of the “National Multicache” – designed to show off your city. Should this incorporate existing caches, or create new ones? Should it be a cache by Lizardo? Or a cache by MBGA? If using existing caches, people would have to give theirs up, or send them to existing caches, but get them to count features, etc. What do we people to tour, to see of Winnipeg though caching? Suggestions welcome.
  • Roger should never be out-of-pocket for his training sessions. Proposed that for city caches, charge ~$50.00 (minimum) and what is left over goes to the MBGA. Does he want to set up a rate scale? Should there be a flat fee? Suggested he talked to Junglehair – i.e. per head fee, as she has some experience with that. But basically, whatever Roger feels is necessary to cover expenditures.
  • Roger was going to come up with a “Do/Don’t” list for Caching

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, Sept 12, 2006
Big Guys N49 49.649 W097 06.356
8:00 pm

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