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Cache of the Month - June 2010

”BLITZ”: Raiders of the Cache Stash

 BLITZ”: Raiders of the Cache Stash

May 24, 2006 by Curiouser and Curiouser :
As the soundtrack of Indiana Jones swelled inside my head, I dodged numerous booby traps*, solved puzzling puzzles, braved dew-drenched grass**, and came face to face with my own mortality! And just when I thought I had triumphed, yet another obstacle was placed in the dimly lit path. Darkness fell, and with no beam to guide me (and my adventuresome parents, Xplorer and Ramblin Rose), peril and hopelessness abounded. I faced an old nemesis who jealously guarded the way. "You!" I gasped. Then I summoned new resolve.
"I have known you of old!" I boomed. "I knew you before you even had a name to speak!" *** Then the sound of a motor brrrming its way up to us. Lo! it was the Queen on a thundering chariot casting beams of flameless fire, illuminating our map and saving the day. Clap Clap Clap Clap All my gratitude for an excellent adventure.
I traded one snake for another, took wooden coin #2 and a 1Q4J poker chip.
*This may or may not be entirely true.
**This may or may not sound particularly menacing, but the dangers of catching a chill are not to be taken lightly.
***This dialogue may or may not have taken place primarily in the imagination, though stemming from a physical presence at the stash.

June 15, 2006 by Lizardo:
awesome('o-s&m) adj.
1 : expressive of awe
2 : inspiring awe
3 : GCW316 a Raiders tribute cache located near Morris, MB
- awe•some•ly adverb
- awe•some•ness noun
Where to start? From the clever puzzle to get the coordinates, to the optical puzzle, the cemetary (complete with a fantastic local history lesson - thank you, Lori.), the INCREDIBLE structure that I loved climbing, and the final location that is taken right from Spielbergs notebook.

I can not imagine a better cache at which to celebrate my 400th find. Simply awesome.

PS- Tobey got her ass stuck in the tree and I didn't. hehe

One day, while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, we realized caching and our favourite theme song would feel right together. Each stage was meant to build the theme and reflect Indiana's passions and two we had to create. The whole multi is set up within one square mile of our home. We struggle with finishing multis that spread across a large area, even in Winnipeg so we wanted people to do this one if they were coming from afar. All the cachers we've met doing this one are very memorable and we enjoy that. The Queen was there to watch ertyu at the final making his First to Find, then Ramblin' Rose as second. Laughing with Lizardo at Tobey, 3Ts&aG, getting her butt stuck at the second stage was very memorable. It is a fun group event too.
We've had family members doing it such as Lady Viper and cachecruizer. It was hilarious with the natural distractions such as mosquitoes, weeds, wonky GPS signal etc. Seeing my niece and hubby (no caching name yet) doing one of their first geocaches and triumphing with a heroic kiss was a highlight, joined by my brother cachecruizer! It has been found by over 40 caching teams and it is time to reinforce the final once again - we will later this week. The final was muggled once proving idiots live everywhere. All stages are hidden with permission on somewhat abandoned land so you can feel carefree doing this one. Everyone in Riverside knows a cacher so use our real name if you need to SCHARFENBERG. We hope more cachers will come out and do this one. It should take under an hour to complete. It is the type of multi we would love to find as a family and that is how it was designed.

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