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GeoVenture Committee Description

The committee itself should have a minimum of 6 members for the following main roles: Chair, Hospitality (food), Marketing, Games/Events Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Treasurer. A 7th member of this committee will be made up of a member of the MBGA Board who will act as the reporting officer. The committee should be no larger than 12 members.

The following is a description of the roles of the committee.

Chair: The Chair of the committee is responsible for overseeing and organizing the GeoVenture committee, scheduling and chairing the meetings

Hospitality: Responsible for accommodations and food

Marketing: Responsible for promotion, website, merchandising and fundraising/sponsorship

Treasurer: Bookkeeping and tracking the expenditures and income of the committee

Volunteer Coordinator: (Dani Carriere) Responsible for the coordination of the non-committee volunteers for the various needs as they arise.

Games/Events Coordinator: Responsible for developing the various games, activities and other events that will occur at GeoVenture

MBGA Board Rep: (Wayne Carrier) A member who will act as liason between the MBGA Board and the GeoVenture committee

Members at Large: A member at large can sit on the committee and participate in part of the planning process and actively vote on decisions.

Anyone else who would like to volunteer may be needed for an occasional job during the course of the planning period but will be primarily needed during GeoVenture itself. Some examples include:

Hospitality, we'll need people to flip pancakes, wash dishes, and run the BBQ etc etc etc. Games/Events people will be in charge of running any activities that are planned. Marketing people may be asked to man the registration tables.