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Great MBGA Stampede - Wanted - Second Edition

Great MBGA Stampede

Participate in the second running of the Great MBGA Stampede.

Buy one of the beautiful MBGA 5 Year Anniversary Geocoin for $15 ($10 for the coin and $5 for entry to cover prizes) and enter your coin in a race starting the day of the Cache the Marsh Event and ending at the MBGA AGM next year.

Every coin will be deposited in a cache the day of the Cache the Marsh event and will stampede across the world in the hope of raking up the most mileage until closing day next year. Continue reading for the rules...

Rules are:

  • A cacher must not move his own coin.
  • The same cacher must not "dip" the coin in many caches. Only one cache per cacher and a different cacher must pick up the coin every time.
  • Mileage will be calculated based on the information on TB map and only until midnight the day before the AGM. Coin mileage will be verified at the AGM and winner(s) will be awarded their prize(s) during the AGM.
  • Coins will be available for purchase at the Cache the Marsh event or on-line at the MBGA Store, laptops will be made available at Cache the Marsh to register the coins prior to the Stampede.
  • Coins can be purchased and activated ahead of time as long as their mileage reads "0" when they are dropped in the cache during the event.
  • Cachers can enter as many coins as they wish. Coins can be customized (i.e: drill a hole and attach stuff to them).