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August 2012 Update

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Hello Manitoba Geocachers!

If you're receiving this, that means we've got the newsletter/mass mailing feature of the website working! If this has only shown on the website, then we've still got to fix that. If this does indeed get out, this is a memo to tell you what's going on right now.

Tomorrow, August 18th, is International Geocaching Day! There will be a virtual souvenir from Geocaching.com, so make sure to find at least one GeoCache!

Next weekend, Friday August 24th, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th, is the MBGA’s annual late summer event, GeoVenture! There are many activities planned for the weekend, including the GeoVenture Challenge: The Survival Test. With fun, food, activities for both kids and adults, you won’t want to miss it! (The challenge this year will feature 35 new Geocaches!)

Click below for more details.


New Merchandise!

We have some new merchandise for sale. This hasn’t been updated on our store yet, but all of our merchandise will be available throughout the GeoVenture weekend. Below is a list of what we are carrying now.

11-11-11 Geocoins - $10.00

5th Anniversary MBGA Bison Coin, silver - $10.00

Travel Bug Dog Tags - $8.00

Wolf Passbooks - $5.00

Soda Bottle Preforms - $2.00

Mini Bison Tubes 2 Pack with 2 extra O-Rings - $5.00

Spare O-Rings for Mini Bison tubes 4pk - $1.00

If this indeed did work, there will be more updates to come after GeoVenture weekend is over and we go back to regular month to month planning. For now, have a happy International Geocaching Day tomorrow!