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More Unsolved Mysteries - By Wagonmaker

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 11:00am
Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 5:00pm
More Unsolved Mysteries - By Wagonmaker

It's that time again!
Based on the popular television series of the 1990s, this event will make us all into daring detectives, stealthy sleuths and ingenious impressarios! Last year, this event was quite popular, so I'm bringing it back for another round!

Winnipeg is abound in Mystery Caches and many of us are intimidated to tackle them on our own. Surely, then, a mob mentality will help us overcome our intimidation and solve these pesky caches!

The goal of our day is two-fold:

1) Gather together to share strategies for solving or finding certain caches, work together on solving other caches and generally have fun being geocachers together.

2) After we have solved a good many caches, teaming up to go out and make the finds! Ever wanted a day full of only puzzle finds? Now is your chance!

Bring your smartphones or, preferably, your laptops, and come prepared to set down to work. We can work in pairs or small groups on a number of tricky puzzle caches. In addition, if you have alot of puzzles solved, feel free to come anyhow and offer hints to push us all in the right direction.

We will meet at the Millenium Library downtown at 11 am. This location was chosen because it has free wireless internet access for all and a large area for us to work in. Around 1:30 or 2:00 pm (or once we all get tired of sitting in the library on a hopefully sunshiny day!) we will set out together for the finds!

Last year we worked on the top floor at the top of the window wall grand staircase. We will meet there again, or as near as we can get.

Please let me know before the event which caches you are interested in investigating. I would like to post them here and give cache owners the opportunity to request that their caches NOT be solved during this event, should they so wish. If you would prefer that your caches not be discussed, please let me know through my profile!

Feel free to come for only part of the day if you'd like, but please do not show up only for the cache finding portion. You will be politely asked not to come with us to find the solved puzzles.

Just in case we are not all working in the same area, please make sure to find me, Wagonmaker, at some point to sign the log book. Only those who sign the logbook will be permitted to post an "Attended" log. Also, during the day, I will be keeping a register of caches solved so as to distribute it to event participants during the cache hunt portion of the day.

If anyone has any suggestions to make this event even more enjoyable or profitable, let me know!

Hope to see you all on October 13th!
Requested caches:
the staIrs of Cirith Ungol by okeeffek
The Changeling by ruylopez
GoldenEye by jbduffman
Do You Cache Too? by missionMode
Completely Censored by okeeffek
Words of advice by pinch3
PGP (Pretty Good Puzzle) Cache by grnbrg
Coordinates that'll keep you warm by 1cluelesscacher1