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Good afternoon, Everyone.

Annual General Meeting time is coming up and we want to get a few things out there.

1) The planned meeting date is 12 May 2018, we are planning on doing 3 things that day.
a) Cache hiding training
b) Meeting
c) a supper event after the meeting.
we will see if we can get 2 smilies for the days events.
2) We are issuing the call for nominations for the board of directors for the 2018-9 year. You can nominate via email to nathankachur@hotmail.com
3) We are also looking for any proposed amendments to the corporations By-laws and constitution.

Canada 150 Coin Race Results

Here we have it! The official results of the 2017 Canada 150 Geocoin race!

Congratulations to MarcoIslandGirl, who's coin traveled a whopping 21,000 Miles!

Below are the rest of the results.

November Coin Race Stats!

Here they are! The November coin race stats. MarcoIslandGirl is padding her lead while Hakliva shimmies into 2nd place overall pushing P.A.C.K. back to third. Will there be a mad push for these racing coins over the Christmas holidays, or will they freeze in place as Winter sets in?

Event reminder

Coming up tomorrow night. Jesterphox is hosting a pub night at Alfie's on Keewatin.

Mark your will attend here!

A Point to ponder – The Makings of a great cache

In this series I am hoping to stimulate thought and discussion about geocaching topics that make me curious.

What makes a truly great cache, I am sure this question will bring much different answers from different cachers and well of course a very different answer from those of outside our community. The answer I give might even vary by the day that I give the answer.