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Cache of the Month – September 2011



HUH? was a cache imagined from the one time the Queen posted wrong co-ords for a cache named Hungry? BLITZ. 3 cachers ended up in the middle of a barren field with only stubble and no real place to search and took a picture of themselves in bewilderment - I think Lizardo, ertyu and Turdleggs if I recall correctly. I turned to my husband Joker 1 and said, "what if?" Then we went caching in Edmonton and stumbled on the ideal answer to our question with a cache hidden by Viajero Perdido - known as VP. We asked permission to blatantly imitate his clever idea and he gave his blessing!
This cache has been fun and terrible for us. In the first several years the cache container did well and obviously cachers were quite careful about rehiding properly and adding some natural camo. The last two years have not gone as well. The cache has never gone missing but it has gotten into rough shape a few times. People have tried cheating by adding coins and metal detector worthy implants which we always remove. We have tried to be quick to fix but since it is 30 miles from our home it takes a special trip in to the city to get it done. We have had a replacement container ready to go from the beginning. We could make it tougher or actually impossible by putting it in the middle of a forest but that of course was NEVER the point. We truly like people to make a find and feel like geniuses. Plain sight hiding is the kind we enjoy the most and we hope others do too.
We enjoy the first finder, MHZ, much because she tries to go back and find it again every year! ertyu does this on occasion as well and both have been so kind as to add camo, logsheets to help out. It is a great park, with some excellent hides. Come out and play...

Cache of the Month – August 2011

”Gees Louise, Driving me Nuts”

Judging by the number of people that have this cache on their favourites list, it lets me know that I have created a memorable one.
Inspiration came from the early days of caching and the posts I had been reading on the world wide site. I thought to myself, "Hey, I can do that", which led me to needing to find a place to put it.
Naming a cache for me takes about as much thought as placing one, and many times the name is the inspiration for the cache.
I don't want to give anything away, but hey, it's what's in a name that matters.

Cache of the Month – July 2011

”Nice NIGHT for a walk”

After trying a couple of other night caches , I set out on creating my own. This is a night cache located along the Seine River and is on a long forested path along the side of Royalwood. The trip will be mostly on gravel paths with a little bit a deer trails and some slight bushwhacking. Using a powerful flashlight, approach ground zero and you will see glowing white tags. Follow the tags until you see the last set which will be bright yellow. At the yellow tags, you will then have to search for the large lock and lock container.


Cache of the Month – June 2011

Cacheaholic Anonymous - Hwy 75 Northbound

Cacheaholic Anonymous was designed in Photoshop by the Queen and built by Joker 1. It was based originally on an image we saw of Peter of Peter and Gloria. They were a pair of cachers who we met early in the game whom we have a lot of respect for both as finders and hiders. We thought this would be a fun way for kids to pose for pictures since many of our hides we preferred not to have photographed as spoilers. We have gotten a kick out of folks finding the obvious and not the actual cache itself. We enjoyed placing it near the highway with a set up so cachers could stop and find 3 from the same location. This is the type of caching we enjoy while travelling. We had never seen this type of design for an actual cache but posed at some of these in the Maritimes at theme parks etc. for family pictures during our first major caching expedition.
We have been surprised that flood waters have never touched this cache so obviously it is on an interesting ridge of land.


Cache of the Month – December 2010

Give My Regards to Broadway

I started geocaching back in early 2006 and one of my first finds ever was Exchange District by TurdleEggs. I loved the idea of being able to disguise a cache in a high traffic area that is not only difficult for geocachers to find but undetectable to the unsuspecting muggle. I was hooked on geocaching.

I spent the next year thinking of ideas for what I thought would be a great cache. I wanted it to be hidden in plain sight, in a high traffic area and not look out of place. It had to be big enough to hold large objects and I had to be able to see it from my office window. Check, check, and check. I had one of those eureka moments and thought up an idea that just might work. I got to work on making the forms and was surprised at how quick and easy it was to make the outer container. After it was complete, I loaded it the trunk of my car and lugged it to the location on an early Sunday morning.

FoodNinja was the first to find and I e-mailed him immediately to get his thoughts on the cache. I was concerned that someone might mistake the container as a bomb (it is located across the street from a building that attracts crazy people). He assured me that it was fine. Since then, I have watched city crews pick up garbage and mow around it. I have seen countless cachers look for it, discover it, then dismiss it as not being the cache and then give up on finding it (all from the comforts of my office). That gives me great satisfaction. :-)

Thanks to everyone who has found the cache and loved it. I hope it last for many years more.


Cache of the Month – November 2010

Winnie’s Big Cache

We are honoured to have Winnie chosen as Cache of the Month. Here is our little blurp and attached pic:

Our very first cache find was on June 21, 2006. It was a puzzle cache called The Ditch Digger. We were very intrigued about the significant history of “The Ditch Digger” and found this aspect of Geocaching fascinating. What a fun learning tool! Can you imagine hiding caches where you can learn some history and discover places you would never have seen? On July 18, 2006, almost one month after our very first find we would launch our very first cache hide, Winnie’s Big Cache. We spent much of that month researching the history of Winnie the Bear and the significance to Winnipeg. This would all be compiled and presented at the posted co-ordinates. We knew this cache would be a multi as there was much to learn and places to see. We thought of our grandchildren and how much fun they would have hunting down Winnie’s Big Cache, learning the history and being rewarded with a unique container, creatively coloured, hidden in the perfect spot and full of everything Winnie. We would make every attempt to use Geocaching as a fun, learning experience for all.

We have very special memories of Winnie’s FTF cacher. This was 1701eh, a cacher from Ontario who was visiting Winnipeg. When he arrived at the posted coordinates he knew he was the first to take on this multi so he continued on the adventure until he reached the cache container. It was his very first FTF outside of his home province, Ontario. We emailed 1701eh to congratulate him and so ensued a multitude of emails back & forth. Having never met 1701eh we still felt we had known him forever. Sadly, later that summer, 1701eh died in a highway traffic accident. A huge loss for his family and the Geocaching community.

Thank you for choosing Winnie’s Big Cache as Cache of the Month. Winnie doesn’t do winter shoveling so his cache is not very winter friendly but for the adventurous cacher it can be done. Winnie gets very excited when visitors stop by.
--Ztirnats & Zad

Cache of the Month – October 2010

CSI:Winnipeg – SPLASH!

CSI:Winnipeg – SPLASH!

I have really enjoyed the positive reception that CSI:Winnipeg has had. We had a lot of fun putting it together. Whenever we place a cache, we try to make it unique in some way. That is unless we are placing it to honour an interesting area. I had the idea for the video a few months previous. Not the specific script, mind you. Just that I wanted to use a video as a clue for a puzzle cache. At the time, YouTube wasn't as ubiquitous as it is now. So I had to convince the cache reviewer that it was OK to have a user need to install the Adobe Flash Player necessary to view videos on the site.

As I mentioned, the script was nothing less than a work in progress even as we were filming. We just kind of made it up as we went. I started in the afternoon in the back yard sandbox (discovery of The-Stuntman's body). Later that afternoon, I got my wife Tannasaurus involved. She put herself in charge of set design, and I took over the job of blocking the scenes, and voicing all but one of the actors. After 2 hours or so of filming, and another hour of laughing (and some Cuba Libre's), we wrapped for the night with all but one scene left to shoot. The next morning, I headed out to where I wanted the cachers to "start" their search. As can be seen in the video, there is a busy street nearby. There was nobody in the park, and was able to scoot around on my knees and film the characters while trying to remember the voices I had used for each one of them the night before. I didn't feel too self conscious because, as I said, there was nobody around and the street seemed far enough away. But now, whenever I drive down that street, I can clearly see the area that I was crouched in. It would not be difficult to make out a 225 pound man playing with plastic action figures in the sand and I suspect I raised a few eyebrows on the drivers that went past that day.

From there I went to the final location and did the filming I needed to do here. I was getting pretty good at this point, and the actors were hitting all their cues so things wrapped quickly. The final is located in a fairly secluded area, but there are private yards nearby. As I was wrapping up, I could clearly hear people talking. Oh well, more raised eyebrows.

The editing was completed later that afternoon at the Second Cup on Graham Ave. Took me about 2 hours total to chop all the scenes together and hack up the CSI intro to include the new "cast". That part of the process would have been FAR less embarrassing if I had remembered to bring headphones. As it was, Second Cup patrons were treated to an advance preview.

Thank you for considering this cache as a Cache of the Month. We really appreciate being recognized by such an awesome group!

Cache of the Month – September 2010

Scooby’s Lunch

Scooby’s Lunch

Scooby's Lunch was the brainchild of goertzen who placed this cache in 2003, nearly a year before we started caching. This unique fun cache was the 3rd container/log book cache that we found and even today it is one of our all-time favorites. In 2005, when the original lunch box had a hole in it, with goertzen's permission, we replaced it with an ammo box. We continued to look after our favorite cache and in 2007, goertzen allowed us to adopt Scooby's Lunch. Any geocacher who hasn't found this cache yet, just doesn't know what they're missing. These are just a few of the comments from other finders: What a great find - one of a kind. This was a very cool cache to find and lots of fun. Wow...great idea. A real interesting cache. Not just your average Hidden Behind a Bush Cache. Great fun. Best fun we've had caching yet. This cache was AWESOME! Very creative. Thanks for a truly unique cache idea! This was a cool cache. Cleverly done! Great concept for a cache.
--Peter and Gloria

Cache of the Month – August 2010

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Provincial Park was simply a vague rumour to me until 2006. That summer I met a life long resident of Victoria Beach while holidaying there for a few days. Our conversation about the Island piqued my curiousity. I soon checked it out using Google Earth which has very good resolution in the area. That revealed a mile long beach on the Island’s western shore. I was hooked and decided I had to visit it. After a couple of exploratory hikes I realized what a beautiful and elusive piece of nature it is; and not a geocache in sight! With the incentive of the 2007 MBGA “Splash” cache hiding event and inspiration from my favourite wilderness cache “Mantario Majestic”, I decided to design a challenging multi cache that would give geocachers the opportunity to explore the Island.

Cache of the Month - July 2010

The Frozen Pirate’s Treasure

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure

So me Treasure has be named Treasure 'o th' month, what an interestin' honour. Interestin' in that 'tis chest was one that I had found in me garage 'n was 'bout to throw it out. But we had a great raid on a merchanct ship 'n our haul was more than our holds could carry. So 'tis chest was painted wit' our symbol, filled wit' th' Treasure 'n hidden in a deeply wooded spot in th' far North.

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure.

But, a scurvy pirate dont want his treasure to be found by thieves, so 'tis tricky to speak 'bout 'tis one. I have hidden it quite well, so I be confident that th' thieves 'n muggles gunna not be able to find it. However, i reckon perhaps that th' tale 'o 'tis treasure be best told by them who have sought it out.